Banaras – RamNagar Fort

This fort is really good but in a very sorry state. looking at the guns and swords its actually very hard to imagine the size of the guys who used it 🙂 (over 7 feet easy!!!). Wish i could click pictures inside the fort….. but the great indian law stopped me from doing so.This king who ruled had some great interest in cars too and they are still here in this fort along with some other stuff like the great.Inside the huge walls of the Ram Nagar Fort, you will find a big clock. Apart from displaying year, month, week as well as day, this clock also shows astronomical facts about the moon, the sun and the constellation of stars.

The royal collection on display at this museum includes vintage cars, palanquins, armory of old guns and swords, furniture, costumes, antique clocks and ivory work.

The king’s family still live in this fort

Must see!



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  1. Awesome dude.

    Now its time for you to get on 5D MII or D700, i would prefer the latter 😉


    January 7, 2011 at 9:12 am

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