About me

I am not a professional photographer but i sure do have a good eye.I don’t have an expensive, funky camera, neither a killer lens but i sure do have some good pictures. I don’t like to spend time waiting for that perfect shot, but i click whatever interests me. My interest lies in the genre of landscapes.I like to travel, and over a period i have realized that traveling alone is the best way i can come close to reality and life.I prefer a tent on a mountain top to fancy hotel with a 32 inch television set and a perfectly folded towel in my bathroom.I love wild animals too and would like to picture them someday.And i dont play stupid games on Facebook.

For a living i like to play god! I am digital matte painter. to be very frank i have done my bachelors in fine arts, Goa university and i am ashamed to say that i have not used the pencil except of taking notes from my clients and supervisors.I sketch and paint on my computer.I love photoshop, but i miss watercolors.